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Angelo Po TT61 ELECTRIC 6 tray MINI Combi Oven

Angelo Po TT61 ELECTRIC 6 tray MINI Combi Oven

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ELECTRIC COMBI OVEN 6 x GN 1/1 Combination convection/steam oven.


Voltage: 400V 3N / 230V 3÷1N/ 50÷60 Hz

Structure made of stainless steel with cooking chamber in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Multirail container rack in AISI 304 stainless steel rod. Immediate steam production within a controlled and modulated overpressure environment.

Control panel with capacitive touchscreen, 7" high resolution LCD interface, with swipe function.

Programmable (300 programs) - up to 18 consecutive cooking stages). Manual, automatic or memorized cooking processes.

Pre-set special processes: Holding, Delta T, Regeneration, Low Temperature,

Pasteurisation in jars and Jar cooking (with accessory),

Smoking, Vacuum packed, Drying and Smoking (with accessory).
Automatic cooking chamber washing system. 5-sensor multipoint core probe supplied. Connectable as standard to the APO.LINK portal.

USB port for download/upload of cooking programs, software updates, HACCP data, oven backup, images.

Door opening from left to right.

Optionals and Accessories - additional changes apply.

· Available accessories: open frame support; wheels; stackable kit with or without support; external vacuum probe; detergent tank kit for washing; hoods; pasteurization kit (FMP), smoking kit (SMOK).
· Optional: model with opening from right to left (TT..R).

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