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K23 Descale - Machine Dishwasher Descaler

K23 Descale - Machine Dishwasher Descaler

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HOW TO - Descale Procedures – Dishwashers

Kwik Clean - K23 Descale - Glass / Dishwasher Descaler

OPTIONS: 5L bottles, or carton of 6 x 500ml single shot bottles!


This is the feedback we are hearing from our customers that are now keeping their dishwashers clean, sparkling and working great by using our descale treatment regularly.

Should you DeScale your commercial dishwasher regularly?

With constant use your glasswasher & dishwasher can build up a yucky white scale inside, this will also be on the element, wash & rinse arms & the internal stainless steel.

This scale will mean that your machine needs to work harder to achieve the best results, putting pressure on the element & motor.

Our descale cleaner for use in commercial and industrial warewashers will remove the scale allowing your glass or dishwasher to perform better & last longer.

Descale Procedures – Dishwashers

Use with protective items, i.e gloves and face mask


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